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Doctoral Programme under CS and IT

IIITM-K is committed to promote and support research in Computer Science, Computational Sciences, Information Systems and Services in fundamental research and applications that benefited to establish high end labs, research papers in referred journals, socially relevant projects that contributed to the development of a knowledge society. The major areas in Computer Science include:

i) Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing

In Artificial Intelligence and Softcomputing, major research work is carried out in Pattern Recognition using Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems and Dynamic programming. Identification of Micro-calcifications in Mammogram images using soft computing, Patterns and Sequence Identification in Biological Sequences, Protein Motif Extraction, Artificial Neural Network in Control Systems . A number of papers are published in reputed journals, which include IEEE also.

No. of Ph.D Students enrolled - 3

(ii ) Medical Image Computing and Signal Processing

This Laboratory focusses on novel signal processing methods for improved image reconstruction using partially acquired magnetic resonance image processing techniques for specific clinical application. This project is currently funded by department of Science & Technology.

The input to our research is acquired through collaboration with clinician scientists at the department of imaging sciences, Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology. The tools for image analysis are based on tailor-made spatial image processing techniques applied to raw clinical data in the form of MR images. The methods are validated using computational phantoms representative of different MR Imaging modalities, and incorporating specific pathological conditions of interest to radiologists. The development, validation and prototyping are implemented using MATLAB, and later extended to other open source software tools for application development.

(iii ) Natural Language Processing

The goal of the Natural Language Processing (NLP) is to design and build software that will analyze, understand, and generate languages that humans use naturally, so that eventually you will be able to address your computer as though you were addressing another person. Machine Translation, Lexical and grammar analysis, POS tagging, Semantic web are the major areas of work.

No. of Ph.D Students enrolled – 3

(iv) Software Engineering and Object Modelling

Software Engineering research basically concentrate on principles and the development of technologies, especially Object Modeling Technologies to support the engineering of large complex software systems to build complex systems. Constrained Objects for Modeling Complex Systems, a constraint language for verification to build robust software.

No. of Ph.D Students enrolled : 1

(v) Information Systems and Services:

IIITM-K has contributed pioneering work in the area of Educational Technology,
GIS, Agri-informatics, and Information Management Systems. A Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching -a pedagogy model is developed at IIITM-K using ICT that enable to strengthen the quality of education using web based e-learning, collaboration tools and Knowledge portals.

The following Research Labs are Set up

  1. CRICTR Lab
  2. Geoinformatics Lab
  3. Medical Image Computing and Signal Processing Lab
  4. IOT Lab
  5. Data Engineering Lab
  6. Cloud Computing Lab
  7. Virtual Resource Centre for Language Computing
  8. Ecological Informatics Lab
  9. High Performance Computing Lab for Computational Chemistry
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