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Centre for Research and Innovation in Cyber Threat Resilience

CRICTR aims to do research, innovation, consultancy and training in the broad areas related to the development of cyber threat resilient information technology infrastructure capable of cyber threat prevention, detection and self healing. CRICTR will be functioning at IIITMK and the activities of the center will be anchored around the information security research and academic activities of IIITMK.

Governments, businesses and organizations irrespective of their services/operations rely heavily on Information Technology (IT) infrastructure for their daytoday activities.Protection of IT infrastructure and data against potential threats becomes very crucial and challenging primarily due to the pervasive and distributed nature of computing with varying data management requirements. We need to look beyond merely protecting the resources against cyber threat in the event of the occurrence of threats. Security schemes need to be captured upfront in the design of IT infrastructure so that the design itself will have inherent ability to deal with the threat. The capability of the systems thus designed can be enhanced to a level wherein security can be viewed as a “tunable service”.

Apart from the academic and research inputs from the institute, IIITMK looks forward to active collaboration from the industry and government to realize the objectives of CRICTR. The research activities planned in the center would primarily involve taking up challenging industry problems around the major theme stated above. The institute is reaching out to interested organizations in building the infrastructure of the Centre and to work closely with them on outstanding research problems they face.

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