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E-Governance initiatives

Institute offers a full time one year Post Graduate Diploma in E-Governance, second of its kind in India for capacity building in the area of e-Governance for Government, Public Sectors and open candidates.

The institute has been a pioneer in conceptualizing, developing, implementing, commissioning and servicing some of India’s well recognized IT initiatives in Education, Agriculture and E-Governance. Some of the major contributions of IIITM-K are listed below.

  • Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching Model- Consultancy Services to various institutions for establishing web based e-Learning solutions, Learning Management System with collaboration and Knowledge sharing spaces.
  • E-Governance initiatives-Technology Partner to national and state level organizations for Agriculture information Systems- KISSAN (Karshaka Information Systems Services and Networks) a multi-modal delivery of agricultural information system, which dissimilates information and advisory services for the farming community across Kerala. It is one of the leading citizen centric e-governance projects of the Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Kerala.
  • E-Krishi - A Market Driven Agricultural Initiative through IT enabled Agri Business Centres in Kerala State implemented for Kerala State IT Mission (KSITM).
  • GIS based Systems - Design and development of Web based intelligent spatial applications and Spatial data generation and management support for Web GIS for various e-Governance projects
  • RTI Knowledge Portal and e-Learning System- Act as single referral point for all relevant information relating to RTI in the State and also provide on-line certification programme on RTI to citizens.
  • High Performance Computing – Grid, Cluster and Cloud Computing Infrastructure set up for high performance computing for Computational molecular computing and visualization using Grid and Cluster, Cloud computing infrastructure for utilization of resources for e-Governance applications etc.