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Data Engineering , Language Technologies and Informatics.

  1. Virtual Resource Centre for Language Computing (VRCLC)
  2. VRCLC is an innovative research centre under IIITM-K, established with the objective of promoting language computing research and development. The Centre promotes Malayalam Computing initiatives in Kerala, such as setting up standards, creating awareness, providing training and consultancy and development of Localization tools. Presently, handling various prestigious projects like Indian Language Machine Translation System (ILMT) Indian Language Corpora Initiative (ILCI) and Research on Localization and Adopting Open Standards in e-Governance Standards(RLAOS)

  3. Data Engineering
  4. Data Engineering Lab provides training, consultancy and research services in the area of Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Big Data Management and Machine Learning. The Lab resources include Open Source Software tools such as Hadoop, Apache Spark & Cassandra.

  5. Software Engineering Lab
  6. Established to undertake research & development activities and organize Training Programmes

  7. Data and Computational Modeling Lab
  8. Data and Computational Modeling Lab is equipped with High Performance Computing Facility for performing high end computations in Material Science, Drug Discovery &Computational Fluid Dynamics. The lab also hosts Data Analytics Lab facilities using Open Source Software such as 'R'.

  9. Geo-Informatics(GIS) Lab
  10. State-of-the-art Geoinformatics Lab in the institute houses advanced facilities for Geospatial Data Collection, Aerial Photo Interpretation, Geoinformatics Software, FOSS for Geoinformatics, etc.HandHeld GPS, Vehicle Tracking Unit, ArcGIS Server 10 , etc. are also available.

  11. Ecological Informatics Lab
  12. Ecological Informatics draws its strength from the depths of Ecological Sciences, the width of social sciences , the power of computational sciences and versatility of Information Technology. Ecological Informatics Analytical Lab at IIITM-K is equipped with Double Distillation unit , Spectro photometer,etc. Digital EI Lab predominantly utilizes free and open source tools. It is also a node for conducting satellite based course of the Government of India.

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