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The institute has undertaken several funded projects , namely, Karshaka Information Systems, Services And Networking (KISSAN), ITRA, ILCI, CITI, Inter-disciplinary centre for MI, Web-GIS LRIS for KERALA. These are:

I. Project Coordinator: Dr.Elizabeth Sherly

1. ITRA – Micro Net Project (Media Lab Asia, DeitY, GoI),

Mobile Infrastructure for Coastal Region Offshore Communications & Networks-To design -Consortia project with Amrita, IIST and IIITM-K – To design low cost communication device for fisherman when they are in deep sea for communication – Role of IIITM-K is to design algorithms for information management and data classification and analysis

2. Indian Language Machine Translation (ILMT Project, DeitY, GoI) -

IL-ILMT system is a consortia project headed by IIIT Hyderabad and 11 institutions, IIITM-K is in the role of Malayalam -Tamil Machine Translation

3. Indian Language Consortia Initiative (ILCI Project,DeitY, GoI)-

ILCI is a consortia project headed by JNU New Delhi under TDIL of DeitY, GOI to build a common language platform by creating a parallel annotated corpora in 17 Indian languages with Hindi as the source language. IIITM-K is in the role of Hindi-Malayalam Translation

4. Virtual Resource Centre for Language Technology (VRCLC, Planning Board, GoK)

To to promote language computing research and development to bridge the digital divide and leverage the power of Information Technology

5. Research on Localization and Open Standards -eGovernance

To adopt open standards and localization process by following W3C guideline to ensure interoperability between storage, display and access to service. Creating Technical Directory for Electronics and Communication and IT disciplines of Engineering in Malayalam

6. Centre for Innovation and Technology Incubation (CITI)

IIITM-K has been set up to promote innovation and entrepreneurship by converting and translating innovative and creative ideas of young minds in various disciplines of science and engineering to achieve excellence in research, products, processes and services to maximize its impact on industry and society.

II. Project Coordinator: Shri.Md Meraj Uddin

1. Capacity Building and Development of online Courses on Cyber Security, Malware Detection and Penetration Testing

It is funded by State Planning Board. The broad objectives of the project are to train security officers, auditors, security professionals, systems administrators, faculty members working with various departments/organizations to acquire international certification; to get exposed to the current issues of cyber security and to enhance the effectiveness of e-Governance programmes by integrating state-of the-art technologies and management.

Under the project, institute has developed a cyber security lab with 35 nodes. The lab is extensively used by the delegates of training program and students of Master of Science in Computer Science and Information Security.

2. Information Security Education and Awareness [ISEA] – Phase II

It is funded by Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India. It’s a consortia project consisting of three Information Security Research and Development Centres [ISRDC], six Resource Centers [RC], forty Participating Institutions and sixteen Implementing Agencies. IIITM-K is the Participating Institution.

These participating Institutions would be conducting faculty development training programmes for the engineering colleges and other colleges in their region. These colleges can then in turn introduce Information Security curriculum in their B.Tech. and MTech Courses. This would yield large no. of B Tech / M Tech students and faculty getting trained in Information Security area. This would also provide the opportunity to the affiliated engineering colleges to have access/exposure to the research aspects which are obtaining in the ISRDCs/RCs.

III. Project Coordinator: Dr. S.Asharaf

1. Biometric Embedded System & Internet of Embedded Thing

The project aims to setup a facility for research and training in the area of intelligent embedded systems/Internet of Things(IoT). Under this project two laboratory facilities namely Data Engineering Lab and IoT lab is being setup at IIITM-K. These labs currently cater to Two PhD students and Six master level students. The lab has developed an intelligent embedded hardware prototype for flow control in irrigation systems. Three specialized workshops/out reach programs were also conducted under this project. The project is funded by Planning Board.

2. Inter Disciplinary Centre for Excellence in MI

The project aims to setup an Inter-disciplinary Center for Excellence in Applied Machine Intelligence and Pattern Analysis. The center will provide training and research services in the area of Machine Intelligence and Pattern Analysis. In this direction, the centre has already conducted four specialized workshops/outreach programs and has produced five publications in internationally recognized journals/conferences.

IV. Project Coordinator: Shri Radhakrishnan T

1. Web based Spatial Decision Support System for Disease Mapping, Monitoring and Disease Spread Modeling – Phase 1 - Department Of Animal Husbandry Government Of Kerala

The project is funded by Department of Animal Husbandry, Government of Kerala. It aims to carry out R&D and Implementation of a Web Accessible Geographical Information System for Mapping, Monitoring and Modeling Diseases. It is proposed to perform the following activities to address the overall scope of the project.

· Design and development of mobile application for capturing, managing Farmer level information. This will involve the mapping of all the farmers in a selected Panchayath.

· An interactive Web GIS application for monitoring the diseases at the Hospital level

· Spatial Decision Support System for disease modeling.

2. Design, Development and implementation of Web GIS based Land Resources Information system for Kerala ( )

Project funded by Kerala State Land Use Board, aims at developing an Open Access, Interactive Web GIS application developed with Open Source Technology, in order to make the spatial data accessible to Local level planning. The application features Spatial Querying and Overlays of various themes, Report Generation etc. The project is released district-wise. Completed Palakkad, Eranakulam, Kannur, Kottayam, Wayanad, Thrissur. Thiruvananthapuram and Idukki Districts are currently being incorporated.


· Design, develop and implement browser based interactive Web GIS interface and host as a service

· Provide necessary infrastructure and manpower at District Planning Offices to use LRIS

· Empower the Local Self Government to use Web GIS based Land Resources Information System to formulate Plans.