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Information Security

  1. Capacity Building and Development of online Courses on Cyber Security, Malware Detection and Penetration Testing - funded by State Planning Board.

    The broad objectives of the project are to train security officers, auditors, security professionals, systems administrators, faculty members working with various departments/organizations to acquire international certification; to get exposed to the current issues of cyber security and to enhance the effectiveness of e-Governance programmes by integrating state-of the-art technologies and management. Under the project, institute has developed a cyber security lab with 35 nodes. The lab is extensively used by the delegates of training program and students of Master of Science in Computer Science and Information Security.

  2. Information Security Education and Awareness [ISEA] - Phase II - funded by Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India.

    It's a consortia project consisting of three Information Security Research and Development Centres [ISRDC], six Resource Centres [RC], forty Participating Institutions and sixteen Implementing Agencies. IIITM-K is the Participating Institution. These participating Institutions would be conducting faculty development training programmes for the engineering colleges and other colleges in their region. These colleges can then in turn introduce Information Security curriculum in their B.Tech. and M.Tech. courses. This would yield large no. of B Tech / M Tech students and faculty getting trained in Information Security area. This would also provide the opportunity to the affiliated engineering colleges to have access/exposure to the research aspects which are obtaining in the ISRDCs/RCs. This could also provide an avenue for the faculty members of these colleges to move toward obtaining PhD in Information Security area.
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