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Embedded System Lab: Embedded system lab with all the latest software's like code warrior, Keil, training kits for DSP, ARM, PIC and 8051 micro controllers.
GIS Lab: Geo-analysis and modelling, GIS application development.  GIS tools - ArcGIS Desktop Ver.9.2 and ArcIMS 9
Computational Chemistry Lab: Perform Molecular Electronic Structure Computation using GAMESS, NWChem etc, Cluster and Grid Computing
Cloud Lab: Developed cloud infrastructure for Cloud Base OS: GNU/Linux Hypervisor: Xen/KVM, Middleware: Eucalyptus
Eco-informatics Lab: Quantitative Ecology Lab
Multimedia and Services Lab: Production for a mid-range solution   for video streaming, authoring and synchronization, captures video lectures and make it available Multimedia Servers.
Medical Image Computing and Signal Processing Lab:novel signal processing methods for improved image reconstruction from undersampled magnetic resonance data
Agri-informatics Centre: Design and development centre for an integrated and multi-modal delivery of information services for the farming community, online dynamic agri advisory service, Online Agri video Channel, Production of Kissan Krishideepam: A weekly Agriculture Television program, etc.
Virtual Resource Centre for Language Computing: A research and project lab of IIITM-K to promote and strengthen local language with the support of Information Technology.  Two DIT, Govt. of India sponsored projects are being carried out in this lab.

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