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Mr. Lalitha Prasad

Director & Chief Consultant
Faith InfoTech

Mr. Lalitha Prasad Joins Faith InfoTech as Director & Chief Consultant. Lalitha Prasad was the Head of Corporate Learning Centre, Tata Consultancy Services at Trivandrum. He is a postgraduate in applied mathematics and has more than 30 years of experience in IT and Software development. He started his professional career as a software developer with Indian Space Research Organization in 1973. He has been associated with most of the launch vehicle projects of ISRO. He has developed software for trajectory simulations, Monte-Carlo simulations, orbit determinations, 3D visualizations, etc. He was a member of many review committees including the ISRO software engineering standards committee. He qualified as an auditor for ISO 9000 standards. After spending 24 years with ISRO, he joined TCS as a faculty in 1997. He was teaching software engineering and programming courses, before being elevated as training-in-charge to manage the fresher’s training program. He has also worked for client projects for TCS projects in South Africa and Saudi Arabia


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