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Research Groups

The various research groups with the state of the art labs, functioning in the Institute and more than 30 national and international research publication are produced from IIITM-K for the last 10 years.

AI and Soft Computing: Pattern Recognition, Sequence Matching for Biological Sequences, Medical Imaging using Soft Computing Techniques

Natural Language Processing: Machine Translation, Lexical Analysis and POS Tagging

Software engineering and Object Modelling: Object Constraint Modelling, High Performance Computing: Cluster, Cloud, Grid Computing

Computational Chemistry: Design and development of nano-mechanical systems; electronic gates; organic reaction mechanism

Ecological Informatics: Ecological Modelling, Quantitative Ethnobotany, Statistical Analysis

Information Systems and Services: Information retrieval and Management, Library System Management, Multimedia Technology and Services, Digital Library, Agri informatics, Geographical Information Systems, Educational Technology

e-Governance: Development of e-Governance Systems, Technology and Information Security, Software Design and management.

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