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Set up Advanced Multimedia Lab and associated Services to support the Academic programmes in IIITM-K (SAML project) funded by State Planning Board

IIITM-K SAML project bagged Kerala e-Governance Award (2011-13) under e-Learning category (Second prize)

Multimedia Lab -SAML project

An advanced Technology enhanced Learning Laboratory [TELL]:- Multimedia Computing to enhance pedagogy, has been established in IIITM-K. An advanced video portal with intuitive interface has been developed to produce, manage and share contents with the student community. More than 1000 hrs of lectures from experts from Academia and Industry have been uploaded for access by the faculty and students. From registers students have utilized 500 hrs learning time in the lab. The Lab is equipped with latest HD video capture equipments with 160 GB HDD recording capability and multimedia software for Web development, Image and Video editing, etc. for streamlining development of multimedia content relevant for academic programmes of IIITM-K. A 16TB high capacity IBM Multimedia server with media server has been deployed in IIITM-K data centre with multi-format support for on-demand access. Initiatives are underway to Promote IIITM-K as a State nodal center to facilitate inter-institutional utilization of multimedia lab. Short courses on Web and Multimedia Computing for the education community has been conducted in the institute. The Lab has also facilitated TEL initiatives such as conducting ISRO certificate courses of Government of India and Remote interactive classes with UAS, Germany.

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