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IIITM-K stakeholder - UN Varsity Regional Centre of Expertise(UNURCE)

The United Nations University (UNU) has recognized the Centre of Science and Society based in Trivandrum as a Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) on education for sustainability development. In continuation of our consent to their expression of interest to collaborate with this institution we have been included as a stakeholder of the United Nations University- RCE, Trivandrum. Please see attached news item in the HINDU. The formal inauguration of the centre is announced for tomorrow Sep 9 2016 at IMG 3 PM. Collaborating with the centre will enable the Institute to partner and network with sister centres of UNU located globally. It opens up opportunities for students by way of internship/research and for faculty to partner with global research initiatives and render greater visibility to current ongoing projects and project outcomes.

United Nations University- RCE, Trivandrum

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