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The synergy of Geographical Information Systems and Web Technology allows access to dynamic geospatial information without burdening the users with complicated and expensive software. The World Wide Web provides GIS users easy access to spatial data in a distributed environment through a simple browser interface or sometimes by a lightweight client side application. The concept of Web GIS is based on how the map is produced and responds to users' interactions over the Web. The publication and distribution of spatial data are increasingly important activities enabling organizations to share domain-specific dynamic spatial information over the Web. Web GIS add GIS functionality to a wide range of internet-based applications in government, business, research and education. It has several advantages such as worldwide access, dynamic data access and user-friendly interface.For the first time in Kerala, IIITMK launches Web GIS with a robust, scalable, powerful and customizable Internet Map Server technology.

For further details, please visit gis.iiitmk.ac.in




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