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A joint initiative by IIITM-K and BEN Global

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Leveraging Blockchain Technology for Public Good


To nurture a new breed of high quality professionals in Blockchain Technology.

To act as a platform enabling international research/industry collaborations.

To serve as a collaborative ecosystem for solving socially relevant problems.

To provide a nurturing ground for entrepreneurs and new business development initiatives.




Michael Gord
Michael Gord Founder & CEO
MLG Blockchain Consulting
Ben Woods
Ben Woods Cyber Security Consultant
Department for Work and Pensions, UK
Dr. Jane Thomason
Dr. Jane Thomason Blockchain for Social Impact Advisor
Jennifer Greyson
Jennifer Greyson Founder & CEO
AI Blockchain
Dr. Sushmita Ruj
Dr. Sushmita Ruj Assistant Professor
Indian Statistical Institute
Dr. Saji Gopinath
Dr. Saji Gopinath Director
IIITM-K, Thiruvananthapuram


Mahesh Govind
Mahesh Govind Founder
Sudin Baraokar
Sudin Baraokar Head - Innovation
State Bank of India
Jinglan Wang Executive Director - BEN Global
Blockchain Product Manager NASDAQ
Sony Joseph
Sony Joseph Founder - Kalhatti
San Francisco Bay Area

Akarsh Agarwal
Akarsh Agarwal National Director
Blockchain Education Network - India
 Debajani Mohanty
Debajani Mohanty Author
BlockChain From Concept to Execution
Rohas Nagpal
Rohas Nagpal Chief Blockchain Architect
Primechian Technologies (P) Ltd.
Ashish Mehta
Ashish Mehta Co-Chair - Blockchain Working Group
Cloud Security Allaince
Haven Arlene Au
Haven Arlene Au Co-Founder & CEO
Asia Blockchain Expo
Mahesh Murthy
Mahesh Murthy Founder
Prasanna Lohar
Prasanna Lohar Head Technology - Innovation & Architecture
DCB Bank Ltd
Rajarshi Mitra
Rajarshi Mitra Head of Crypto Research
Samrat Kishor
Samrat Kishor Manager
 J Mohamed Zahoor
J Mohamed Zahoor Founder
Juliet Annerino
Juliet Annerino Conference Speaker/Content Creator/Founder
Benjamin M. Brown
Benjamin M. Brown Full Stack, Certified Ethereum Developer, Smart Contracts, Blockchain, Data Viz, Web Apps
Aparna Krishnan
Aparna Krishnan Co-Founder
Mechanism Labs


Dr. Asharaf S
Dr. Asharaf S Professor-in-Charge
Kerala Blockchain Academy
Adarsh S
Adarsh S Convener
Kerala Blockchain Academy
Anoop V.S Senior Research Scientist - Ethereum
Kerala Blockchain Academy
Prasanna Padmanabhan
Prasanna Padmanabhan Senior Research Scientist - Hyperledger
Kerala Blockchain Academy
Febin Paul
Febin Paul Research Scientist
Kerala Blockchain Academy
Shon G Joseph
Shon G Joseph Research Scientist
Kerala Blockchain Academy
Franklin John
Franklin John Research Engineer
Kerala Blockchain Academy
Lekshmi M B Research Engineer
Kerala Blockchain Academy
Karthika P J
Karthika P J Research Engineer
Kerala Blockchain Academy
Sumin E
Sumin E Research Engineer
Kerala Blockchain Academy
Saira Kareem
Saira Kareem Research Fellow
Kerala Blockchain Academy
Karthika P J
Anju Chandrasekhar Research Fellow
Kerala Blockchain Academy
Jennath H.S Research Scholar
Nikhil V Chandran
Nikhil V Chandran Research Scholar

Certification programs in KBA Power House

Kerala Blockchain Academy offers the following Certification programs

  • +

    Certified Blockchain Business Professional (CBP)

    Blockchain Primer for Business Professionals
  • +

    Certified Blockchain Associate Program (CBA)

    Introductory course on Blockchain Technology
  • +

    Certified Ethereum Developer Program (CED)

    In-depth training for Ethereum developers
  • +

    Certified Hyperledger Developer Program (Sawtooth) (CHD)

    In-depth training for Hyperledger Sawtooth developers
  • +

    Certified Blockchain Architect Program (CBR)

    Designed to nurture a world class BC architect

CBA program commences from September 2018 and CED, CHD, CBR programs will commence from October 2018.
Location: KBA, IIITM-K, Trivandrum.
For Registration, Click here.
Mode of Payment: Advance Payment through Bank Transfer. (Details will be provided.)

KBA Garage

Solutions by Kerala Blockchain Academy for the societal good.

AGROCHAIN Winner of NITI Aayog Prize
AgroChain makes IIITM-K proud. A team(From left: Nikhil V Chandran, Adarsh S, Dr. Asharaf S and Anoop V S ) of research students from the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management-Kerala (IIITM-K) brought laurels to their institution by bagging the prestigious NITI Aayog prize in the inaugural edition of the Proffer Hackathon held at IIT- Delhi.
Skillchain Wins ‘Blockathon for Change’ Hackathon
Skillchain, an interstate migrant job portal, bagged the first prize in the grand finale of ‘Blockathon for Change’ hackathon held at the Maker Village here. The three-member team of IIITM-K alumnus received a cash prize of Rs. one lakh and an opportunity to incubate at the Kerala Startup Mission.

KBA in News | Success Stories

A glipmse of our achievements

MoU with Intel India

The Kerala Blockchain Academy has signed an agreement with Intel Technology India Private Limited to collaborate in training and capacity building in the areas of Hyperledger Sawtooth Technology.

The Blockchain Elite

Technopolis Magazine featuring Kerala Blockchain Academy


Official Launch of Accelerated Blockchain Competency Development Program (ABCD)

K-DISC Inaugural event

Kerala State Development and Innovation Strategic Council’s (K-DISC) Inaugural Function and strategies on Blockchain Technology through Kerala Blockchain Academy on March 24 by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Kerala.

KBA @ the MIT Bitcoin Expo..

Members of Kerala Blockchain Academy, Sidharth and Lakshmi at the MIT Bitcoin Expo..

KBA becomes Knwoledge Partner of Dubai Blockchain Summit 2018

Kerala Blockchain Academy has become the Knowledge Partner for Dubai Blockchain Summit 2018 (28-29 March 2018) organized by Global Blockchain Foundation

Open Innovation Blockchain Hackathon

Members of Kerala Blockchain Academy Mr. Alex Devassy and Ms. Anusha Garg won Certificate of Excellence (CoE) at the Open Innovation Blockchain Hackathon conducted by Best of Block Inc. at IIT Delhi, 24 February 2018.

Our book on Decentralized Computing using Blockchain

Buy here.

With Micheal Gord

Disrupt Kerala Summit - 2017

At Global Entrepreneurship Summit - 2017

List of Candidates Selected for Admission to Certified Blockchain Associate (CBA) Program

CBA Batch Start Date : 17 - Septemeber - 2018

Sl. No Name of the Candidate Status
1 Abhijith RV Qualified
2 Adarsh Ratna J S Qualified
3 Anoop C Qualified
4 Aravind J Pillai Qualified
5 Aravind R S Qualified
6 Arun Antony Qualified
7 Arun S Qualified
8 Chandrabhan SinghVaghela Qualified
9 Devansh Shrivastava Qualified
10 Hari Krishnan Qualified
11 Hari Krishnan V Qualified
12 Harikrishna K J Qualified
13 Jayaram Jai Qualified
14 Jubilant Kizhakkethottam Qualified
15 Lijo Kurian Qualified
16 Manoj Sakthi Parameswaran Qualified
17 Mitun Vijay Qualified
18 Monu Michael jose Qualified
19 Nisham P Qualified
20 Noufal S Qualified
21 Ramesh Kumar Qualified
22 Ravisanker Kacheri Madathil Qualified
23 Resmy Sunny Qualified
24 Romilal P Qualified
25 Sabin Sebastian Qualified
26 Santhosh Kumar Qualified
27 Sebastian Francis Qualified
28 Shahul Hameed KH Qualified
29 Sherin Shahana Qualified
30 Shyja P Qualified
31 Subin Kuruvilla Qualified
32 Tyson Paul Qualified

Contact KBA

Kerala Blockchain Academy
IIITM-K Building
Technopark Campus
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
India - 695 581

+91 471 27 84 14 5 (From 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM)